Doraemon Cake

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*Please note, the final price may varies from cake flavors; pounds; size and final design of the cake.

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Minimum size: 3 lbs

Order Lead Time: at least 21 days in advance

*For Express Cake Order, please kindly contact us directly at 2836-3388 during working hours.

Cake Flavors:

*Price of cake varies from different flavors
*3D cake flavor selections may be limited 

A. Standard Cake Flavor Selection:

Below Flavors:No additional charge required:

Honey Pomelo Custard Sauce Cake/ Red Velvet Strawberry Sauce Cake/ Green Tea Red Bean Cake/ Blueberry Forest Cake/ Assorted Fresh Fruit Cream Cake/  Hazelnut Chocolate Cake/ Mint Chocolate Cake/ Orange Chocolate/ Banana Chocolate

Below Flavors: Each Pound+$50/LB:

Fresh Mango Cream Cake/ Fresh Strawberry Cream Cake

Below Flavors: Each Pound +50/LB:

Chocolate Mousse/ Fresh Mango Mousse/ Chestnut Fresh Cream

Below Flavors: Each Pound +60/LB:

New York Cheese/ Blueberry Cheese / Chocolate Cheese

B. 3D Design Cake Flavor Selection:

Hazelnut Chocolate Cake/ Mint Chocolate Cake/ Orange Chocolate Cake/ Banana Chocolate Cake/ Green Tea Chocolate Cake/ Rum Chocolate Cake/ Vanilla Chocolate Cake

C. Cupcake Cake Flavor Selection:

Sponge Cake Flavor selections:

1. 3" Standard  size (12pcs per one flavor)
Vanilla/ Chocolate/ Green Tea/  Coffee/ Strawberry

Cake Fillings Selections (For 3" Cupcake only): 

Fresh Cream/ Chocolate Sauce

2. 2" Mini size (30pcs per one flavor)

Vanilla /Chocolate 

Custom Design & Accessories:
For customized design. please CONTACT US.

Greetings Name Plate:

Chinese: x Max. 12 Wordings
English: x Max. 30 Alphabets
Mix of Chinese & English: Max. x 20 Wordings + Alphabets

*For additonal wordings, $30/up additional charge will be required.

Special Remarks:

Please note, the balloons decorations placing next to the cake (if any) will be changed/ removed starting from Apr-2014 because of stability and steady reason. 

Cookies Bulk Order:
For details, please  CONTACT US.

Delivery Arrangement:
For Delivery Arrangement, please visit: CONTACT US

Terms & Condition:
For Terms & Condition, please visit: CONTACT US