Happy Birthday Phil Lam and Cake Temtpations is proud to prepare both birthday cakes on your 30th birthday!


Cake Temptations HK Phil Lam







  i just want to say that the cake turned out better that i expected. the shape was great and pleasantly surprise that from top to bottom was all edible soft vanilla cake. well done! we are very happy’’

~Ms. Shanty Parede 2015-05-04

''Hi, Cake Team, me again, the cake ordered by my friend was very nice and yummy (according to the Birthday Star)''

~Ms. Vivian 2015-03-25


"Just a short note to say thank you for such a beautiful cake & the cute cupcakes!  Please extend our thanks to your chef, he/she did an amazing job!  Everyone at the party were very very impressed!  Thanks again :)’’

~Ms. Michelle Ho 2015-03-22


" The minion cake was absolutely beautiful and delicious! Everyone loves it! Thanks again for the awesome cake and arrangement!!!

Susanna  2015-03-17

"We love the bus birthday cake for our son! Not only nicely made and also taste good and fresh! Great cake & on time delivery and efficient service! Will definitely come back for our next cake! Thx!

Barbara Suen  2015-03-01

"Thank you very much for the lovely cake. My son was so happy with the cake. Another great cake from cake temptation . Here are some if the photos. Hope you like them."
~Ms. Tenny Chan  2015-02-23




"Absolutely ! I have passed your name to my friends / colleagues ..! I do have high standards when it comes to cakes as I do bake at home - so your cake blew me away ! Flying colours ! My husband ate a whole piece . That says a lot for a guy who doesn't like sweets . I'm so grateful - I've passed everyone I know about how wonderful your creation is .. ! You can post our testimonials - I will be ordering cakes from you guys from now on only !!! 

Thank you so much 

~Ms. Celine James 2015-02-15

''The cake is great~ Thanks so much.''

~ Ms. Karen 2015-02-14



''We love the cake! It's beautiful and really delicious! Thank u!''

-Ms. Alicia Ho 2015-01-02



''The birthday boy loved it a lot and my friends enjoyed taking pictures around it.''


~Ms. Virginia 2014-11-15

''Hi Cake Team,

Just like to thank you and the chefs for the cake, everyone loved it! And thanks for the fast turn around of my late order :) Tasted good too.''

~Ms. Ms. Cathy Sin 2014-10-27 

''The cake is awesome! My Dad and our guests love the cake.

Thank you very much! :)''

 ~Ms. Wincy 2014-10-01

''Thanks Cake team, Micah loves the cake so much! ''

~ Mrs. Lee 2014-09-30

''The cake looks great and taste great.  Everyone loves the drawing of the cartoon!!!''

~Ms. Eda  2014-08-21

''I would like to say "thanks" to Cake Temptations for making such a delicious and nice football pitch cake with my son's favorite soccer boots on it for my son's birthday (soccer) party as all of his friends are super soccer fans and love the cake very much.   You know, we ate that 6-lb cake all within an hour and received a lots of good comments from my friends. Everyone was enjoying the cake very much!       ''

~Ms. Bonnie Chan 2014-08-19


'' I would like to say THANK YOU so much for making those delicious cakes for my hubby's birthday!  The camouflage boobies cake was awesome!  And obviously, everyone was laughing their butt off.


Also, the US Marine Uniform cake was absolutely AMAZING!  Im not even kidding!  Your team did a fabulous job for making every parts in details!  My hubby loved the way it looked and thought it was the best tasting birthday cake he has ever had - soooo chocolatey! :)


I have also referred my guest to order from Cake Temptation, and hope to bring you more business! I will definitely come back and order for special occasions in future!  I have attached a picture of both FABULOUS cakes!


Oh, just one more thing, it is nice to have this rich chocolate flavor, but I think it will be great if the team can offer more flavors to choose from, like Red Velvet, Peanuts Butter, or Espresso flavors...  


Anyways, once again, THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH for all your hard work, and your excellent customer service!  Rebekah, you are the best!!! =)''


~ Ms. Vicky 2014-06-11



''My Dad and my all family members are really enjoy the Special cake and taken more photos.  Many thanks for your professional services and  your professional cake maker.  We are really appreciate.''

~ Ms. Annie Kwong 2014-06-09 

"Just want to let you know, the cake arrived safely and it was brilliant. My Sifu loves it and so does everyone else. Please convey my thanks to the chef and also thank you for all your help"

Ms. Yung  2014-05-19



"We would like to say thank the dedicated work from the pastry chef and the team at Cake Temptations for making a wonderful 3D cake on May 3.  Our mom and all relatives were shocked how amazing the cake was designed and made of.  Everyone was so happy.  The cake was delicious, taste was just right.  Thank you all of your work and made my mom and others have a unforgettable birthday. We appreciate it"
~ Mr.Stanley   2014-05-07



"Thank you for the fantastic cake for master’s retirement dinner "
~ Ms. Sheila Chan  2014-04-20

"Thank you very much for your help! The cake look so nice and our artist love it very much! Attached some photos for your reference! Thanks again!"
~ Ms. Karen Wong  2014-04-08


"The cake is very beautiful and for sure it had enlighten our celebration. Thank you"
~ Mr. Thomas Hung   2014-03-31

"The cake is perfect. We all love it."
~ Ms. Jess Lam  2014-03-26


"The cake was awesome! I want to order another one, possible to make it 1lb and pick up on 7 April? Details as below."
~ Ms. Mickey Lung  2014-03-22





"Thank you for your emails. Am very much grateful for your service. Hope to give my friend a big surprise."
~ Ms. Viviana  2014-03-21

"Thank you so much! The cake looks amazing!!"
~ Ms. Cally Leow  2014-03-15

"Thanks for your and your c fu help and the last minute works.  My boss said the cake is very creative. Thanks again."
~Ms. Teresa Law  2014-03-10

"The cake is great and we tasted the memory. Thanks a lot!"
~Mr. Sam Lam  2014-03-09


"The cake was absolutely beautiful!! All our guests n dad were v impressed!!  And they want the same cake for their birthday too haha  Thank u so much!!'"
~Ms. Tan  2014-03-01

"Thank you very much for your arrangement! The cake was pretty good, all of my frineds were enjoyed the sponge cake with good good looking and chocolate favour. I will make the order future which ur shop is the best selection!!!Have a nice weekend!"
~Ms. Janta Tse   2014-03-01



"It was my second time ordering cake from CT. The recent PS3 cake was 'WOW', simply look great and taste good. The customer service was good and will definitely recommend CT to my friends :)"
~Ms. Ivy Lee  2014-02-27


 Q:Are you satisfied with the cake design?

 A: Yes generally satisfied, the lady facial quality can improve and quite a lot of finger print on the feature(idol / shirt) and cart (was a little grey)...

Q:How is the taste of the cake?

 A: Very tasty, just right

Q:Are you satisfied with our customer service?

 A: Excellent service

Q:Are you satisfied with our delivery arrangements?

 A: Yes, very timely

Q:Do you have any other suggestions / comments for us?

A: Maybe a little price-y for the less than perfect quality ...

 ~ Ms. Anna Chu  2014-02-26

"Still remember this pirate ship? We were amazed by this great art piece.  Look! The gold coins in the Treasure Chest are so real, my son almost finished them all.  Thanks for making our day special. We had a great time!""

~Ms. Dorothy Ma   2014-02-21

"Thank you very much for the minion cake with the helmet. My son loved  it so much . He was very happy. Will contact u again. Take care."
~Ms. Tenny Chan  2014-02-21



"We received the cake and its really really nice, all you are very helpful and let me say thanks once again."
~Ms. Samantha Kwok  2014-02-21

"Thank you for your help of the basketball cake. The birthday party was successful and my boy friend was really surprised. All of them said the birthday cake has lovely appearance and taste yummy. Once again, thank you all of you that help us had a memorable day."
~Ms. Suki Cheung  2014-01-20


Q: Are you satisfied with the cake design?


A: Excellent!


Q: How is the taste of the cake?


A: The taste is very rich and delicious.  


Q:  Are you satisfied with our customer service? 


A: Satisfied


Q: Are you satisfied with our delivery arrangements?  


A: Satisfied. The delivery man was very helpful.  To my surprised, the cake came with dry ice so that it could be kept for longer period of time.




~ Ms. Carmen Wu 2014 01-16

"Thanks so much for the perfect cake that you help to make for my daughter's birthday today.  We all love the cake so much and especially my daughter. She is super happy and love the cake with her favorite Cinamon on it.  Her friends ask me where do I order the cake from. For sure, I'll refer them to you."
~Ms. Sheila Chan  2014-01-02


Q:Are you satisfied with the cake design?

A: super good

Q:How is the taste of the cake?

A: excellent. 

Q:Are you satisfied with our customer service and the delivery arrangements?

A: very very good.

Q:Do you have any other suggestions / comments for us?

A: perfect 

 - Testimonial (may be posted on our website in future)

 sure no problem.  a million thanks for doing such a good job, i am so happy to have my CAKE ordered with you at CAKE temptation.

i am sure that i will come back again to order my next CAKE and will introduce all my friend to do it the same

~ Ms. Debbie Cheung  2014-01-07


“ Thank You so much for the wonderful cake. I was not expecting to be that awesome. Everyone were talking about how awesome it was And MOST IMPORTANTLY MY BOYFRIEND CANT STOP TALKING ABOUT HOW WONDERFUL THE CAKE WAS. You have made mY day and his and I'm so greatfull to find you guys for the most  special day of my life. Thankyou so much and it was worth it.You're awesome!!! THANK-YOU!!!! I WILL BE BACK SOOON ‘’

 ~Ms. Tsukiko Lims   2014-12-29

 Thank you so so much for yr perfect cake, we really feel deeply satisfied to your company service and my son nice surprise on this moment. I think I will be order again if any celebration in future! Once again, thank you for yr help on this matter !


~Ms. Chan  2014-12-25