"Thank you for the lovely Jewelpet cake! The flavor and skills on the cake was awesome. Definitely recommend Cake tempyations .Cheers!!! It was just perfect. "
~Ms. Doreen Wong  2013-12-24

Q:Are you satisfied with the cake design?


 Q:How is the taste of the cake?


 Q:Are you satisfied with our customer service and the delivery arrangements?


 Q:Do you have any other suggestions / comments for us?


 - Testimonial (may be posted on our website in future)


~Ms. Maureen Wong  2013-12-15

" It's very nice!! Thank you soooooo much!! My dad will love it :)"
~Ms. Lillian Chan  2013-12-14


Q:Are you satisfied with the cake design?

 A: Yes, very good cake design. Exactly as we wanted it. Except my husband's name was spelt incorrectly.

 Q:How is the taste of the cake?

 A: A well made vanilla butter cake. not too dry. I also appreciate that the outer layer is made with chocolate

 Q:Are you satisfied with our customer service and the delivery arrangements?

 A: yes, 100% satisfied

 Q:Do you have any other suggestions / comments for us?

 A: just need attention to details, i.e. names

 - Testimonial (may be posted on our website in future)

 A great cake company! Have ordered from them on numerous occasions and they havr always been able to cater to my cake designs. Tastier than usual designed cakes as there are options of mousse cake and the outer layer is not made of sugar icing.

 ~ Ms. Zara Lok  2013-12-07

"I would just like to say thank you for being very helpful with the arrangement and the minion cake was wonderful! The birthday boy loved it.  Thanks again :)"
~Ms. Vanessa Tse  2013-12-06



"The cake was awesome! My bf loves it very much! Thank you all of you!!! The cake is perfect!  I will find you again for my mother’s birthday cake in 2014! "
~Ms. Kaori Chan  2013-12-05



"Can we have a photo of the cake without logo? My wife didn't even have time to look at the front of the cake detaily. The cake tasted good and was excellent in design/shape. Thanks again for making this perfect wedding cake for us."
~Mr. Sam Lam   2013-12-03



"Hi Toni, Thank you to you and the Cake Temptations team for making such a wonderful cake. The Ninjago background and figurine was above our expectations and I was very impressed that the cake was moist and delicious!  I look forward to ordering another cake from you soon."
~Ms. Regina Tan  2013-11-27



"Thanks much. Our guests love the cake! Thanks so much! U gay are great!"
~Ms. Rachel Lai  2013-11-20




"Thanks for the good design of cake and it tastes good too. It's highlight our party and all of my friend love it so much. Looking forward to see more in the coming future. Thank you :)!"
~Ms. Fan  2013-11-06

"Thank you for the lovely cake you made for us for Oct 1st. It was very delicious and the design was just the way we want it to be.  Was kindly wondering if you have any pictures of the cake? If so, can you please send it to me.  Thank you very much!"
~Ms. Michelle Cheung   2013-10-30 

"Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. The cake looks amazing, thanks for all the work you and your team put into it!  I'm sure my friend the birthday person will be extremely surprised, looking forward to seeing it on the day and eating it!"
~Mr. Ivan Tang  2013-10-17

"I write to thank you and your team on the beautiful cake made for our party last week, it became one of the highlights of the evening and everyone was very excited when they saw the cake!  Well done!! Thank you.  I wonder if you have had the picture of the cake taken as record, as we were too excited and forgot to take a pic as record.. if you do, please kindly share.  Many thanks"

~Ms. June Lau  2013-09-27

"Dear Toni, Thank you for making a delicious and fabulous cake on my father's birthday! I wonder if you can make a receipt to the following name: "Chen De Plastics Machinery Co., Ltd" Thanks again."
~Ms. Yiu   2013-09-16

"I think this cake is So so so pretty..  Thanks Tony for the coordination."
~Ms. Joyce Ip    2013-09-13


"The cake was lovely. Thank you."
~Ms. Amber Fung   2013-09-11 

"Just want to let you know that the cake looks wonderful and all of us LIKE IT A LOT !  It gave my friend an unforgettable birthday night !  Thanks !"
~Ms. Elva Jung   2013-08-15

"Both cake are very nice."
~Ms. Eda Mak     2013-08-13

"All of our friends love the figure very much, deeply appreciates for your kind help every time."
~Ms. Cuby Chiu  2013-08-08

"Thanks for the arrangement...they are very impressed by the 3D cake esp. the details of the rugby ball & T-shirt as well as the great taste."
~Ms. Frances Mak      2013-07-30

"So great when we received the cake   It is so smart and the taste is very good. I and my family loved it.  Thank you your good service."
~Ms. May Lo  2013-07-26

"Just wanted to say a very BIG THANK YOU to you and your staff for arranging such a lovely Minion bday cake last Friday. Everyone including i myself as well as the restaurant staff were absolutely stunned and amazed how good the cake turned out!!! The outlook is amazing and looks so real, and to all of our surprise, it tastes really good too cos it wasn't that sweet and the crunchy bits made the cake taste even better!!  I have referred your shop to all my friends and for sure will definitely come back to you by means of any bday / wedding / other occasions regarding with your awesome 3D cake. Thank you so much again and really appreciated your utmost assistance to arrange such a lovely bday cake in such a rush too :)"
~Ms. Yvonne Liu  2013-07-23


"The cake's great, definitely was the highlight of the day. =)"
~Mr. Albert Yeung  2013-07-03

"We enjoyed the cake very much and thanks for your kind assistance. Will definitely refer you to our friends. Thanks."
~Ms. Wincy Mui  2013-06-23

"Thanks so much again for everything. We received the cake today and it was amazing haha,.. Very funny to see it!! Thanks for all your understanding and help!!"
~Mr. Tom Lau  2013-06-18

"Just to let you know, we liked the cake a lot! Great attention to details :) Thanks again!"
~Ms. Cecilia Kwok  2013-06-17

"the cake is nice! we all like it :)  thanks a lot  hope to work with u next time!"

~Ms. Jobie Chau-Now   2013-05-14

"Just wanna say thank you! The cake was absolutely gorgeous and tasted great!!! My little sister love it very much!  Thanks so much for your help!"
~Ms. Amy Chan  2013-05-14

"Thanks so much for the cake! It's awesome! Next time will be my birthday. Keep in touch."
~Mr. Edwin Chow  2013-05-07

"Wow, it is very lovely and thanks for the great work. I am sure it will enlighten our celebration and we look forward receiving them tomorrow. Thanks!"
~Mr. Thomas Hung  2013-04-29


"Many thanks for the fantastic cake, that's really highlight our party."
~Ms. Chui      2013-04-29

"The cake was so pretty!! Thank you sooooo much for your arrangement! =)"
~Ms . Jay Ting  2013-04-27

"The Fireman Sam birthday cake was very nice. Thanks for your help."
~Ms. Jade Tang  2013-04-27

"Thanks for making the cake to our lunch yesterday.  The cake is very beautiful and delicious.  I've refer you to who interest to order cake from you.  Hope you will increase your sales.  Again, thanks a lot.  I definitely will order cake from you next time."
~Ms. Fanny Hung   2013-04-25

"Thank you very much for your inquiry and interest in ordering from us.  We are sorry hearing that you have to cancel the order.  We look forward to hearing from you again in future and design cakes that bring joy and happy memories to your family and friends!"
~Ms. Felicia Chow  2013-04-22


"Thank you very much for all your help to get me two awesome cakes on Sunday April 14. The clone troopers star wars cake is amazing and the flower is so elegant. Let me say thank you one more time here and please send my regards to the cake making team."
~Ms.  Mak  2013-04-14

"Hello Jenny, we would just like to say thank you for such fun and tasty cake. We all enjoyed it so much. Cheers."
~Ms. Vienna. Yick  2013-04-13

"Cake Temptation customized a 3D travel theme cake for my colleague's birthday within a very short period of lead time. It was such a lovely cake and the birthday girl loved it very much. Cake Temptation is flexible, creative, and they go extra miles to delight their customers. I would definitely recommend them to my friends and family."  Thank you again for the arrangement and such a lovely lovely cake. I heard the birthday party was awesome. and everyone was taking picture of the cake and sharing to facebook."
~Ms. Jacqeline Au-Yeung  2013-04-12

"The cake is really nice! I love it  Thank you so much ! "
~Ms. Shadow Lau  2013-04-09

"Thank-you very much for yr help!!  All my friends love the cake very much!!"

~Ms. Leung  2013-03-03

"Received the cake in this morning.  It's pretty and the taste is good!  Even my baby can't eat but I think she like it! haha......"
~Ms. Alison Lee  2013-03-02

"The cake was very well received by all guests. They appreciated the design and the deliciousness of the cake!!  Thank you very much for the great product and even greater service that you have provided!! We will definitely keep this in mind for our future events!"
~Mr. Mohit Ishar  2013-02-27

"Thanks Quito and Jenny!  Even a week has passed after the party, people are still talking about the cake and all people's facebook are "spammed" by A&F cake photos!  We, including the birthday boy, are well satisfied with your services. Some of them asked me the contact of your shop and I gave it to them.  Wish you have prosperous business in the future."

~Mr. Alvin Chan  2013-02-22

"Thank you for a wonderful cake. the cake was really awesome and made the day special for us.  i would be glad to recommend my friends your website to order"
~Mr. Neel Bakshi  2013-02-15


"Thank you for a wonderful cake.  Thanks"
~Ms. Swati Sroha  2013-02-09

"Rose my friend who the cake was for,was vary Happy and I had found out  that I was the only one that had given her a cake on her Birthday. Thank You."
~Mr. David Wagner 2013-02-04


"Thank you for all your help! We are so happy to see your great product for us. Attached please find some party photos for reference. Thanks once again!!!"
~Ms. Chris Lam 2013-02-04

"Thanks, Jenny, for helping to make the occasion special.  We all think the cake was beautiful and taste really moist and delicious!  A word of compliment for your professionalism throughout the ordering process- this will keep your business ahead of others. Best wishes for continous success for  2013!"
~Pearl Chong 2013-01-15

"Thanks very much! The cake was really nice!!!."
~Dr. Wilson Lee  2013-01-13

"The cake was very nice and we all loved the cake. The light bulb was nicely done and the chocolate cake tasted really good. I was going to write an email to say thank you before I got urs. I would like to say big thank you for your excellent service and help. I have also introduced my friend Carmen to order a cake from your company."
~Ms. Jeanly  2013-01-09