"What a beautiful cakes and design to make our party full of joy! Unfortunately I was tooo busy that day and no time to taste the cakes (even lunch) but seems our little guests like the cupcakes very much coz ran out quickly!!  Well received the money, thank again!!"
~Ms. Joyce Mak  2012-12-14






"I hope you had a great weekend!Here comes the pictures of the stations for your reference. Also, I would like to thank you for all  your arrangements and the cookies have generated positive feedback from our customers!  We look forward to working with you again!  Thanks"
~Lane Crawford  2012-12-04





"Thank you very much for your help & arrangement of the cake for my dog Bingo last time.Please help to give a big hand & special thanks to the cake baker/decorator. He/She did a wonderful job.We received many compliments and we have referred many friends to contact you whenever they need a lovely cake"
~Ms. Alice Yau  2012-11-17







"Thank you so much for accepted my order and delivered the cake for my friend in HK. The cake is really cute, your service is very professional and very fast response to emails and enquiries. Thank you. Wishing you good business.
~Ms. Enny Tang  2012-10-31




"hank you so much for taking care of my cake order.   The cake looked awesome and tasted so good.  And it was the highlight of Trinity's bday party for sure."
~Ms. Janice Tang  2012-10-17






 "Thanks for making the great cakes. The outlook of the cakes is super nice. My friends love it so much."
~Ms. Florence Kwok 2012-06-17







 "The design is creative! My family like the cake. Thank you very much."
~Ms. Rachel Lo 2012-06-12





 "We had a great time to celebrate my hubby's big day with his friends!! Not only the party, the cake also made them all very surprise!! My hubby loves it so much... Thanks again for your kindly help and please extend my appreciation to your cake designers for the great creations!!"
~Ms. Joyce Mak 2012-06-11




 "Would like to thank you for the cake, it looks so nice and taste good too... more importantly it arrives at the right time. Really thank you very much."
~Ms. Patricia Lee 2012-05-07






"The captioned cake was delivered punctually on Friday evening. All my friends, and the birthday girl especially, found it very adorable during her birthday party!"
~Mr. Paul Leung 2012-05-05






"My boyfriend and our friends and family really like the cake. Though the football surrounding the cake can be slightly smaller. Thanks for all the help!"
~Ms. Victoria Lau 2012-04-15







"Thanks for the lovely cake."
~Ms. April Ma 2012-03-26






"The cake was wonderful. Olivia liked it very much. Thanks a lot!"
~Mr. Jack Chow 2012-03-26






 "I ordered n custom made cake as above and it was fabulous. I was very happy with the design and Jenny was extremely kind to alter the flavor to our specifications in that we wanted choc cake but without the hazelnut sauce. The guests loved the look n taste of the cake...and more importantly the birthday guy was hugely impressed and touched. Kudos to your team and Jenny for making an absolute dream if a cake for me."
~Ms. Kiran 2012-03-15




 "Everyone loved the cake, especially my grandmother. Please compliment your baking team for me. Thank you very much! I would like to order two more cakes. I will contact you later this week."
~Dr. Chrissy Lo 2012-03-11






 "Thanks for the cake! It was yummy and my friends were surprised at how good it tastes except from it's good looks! Will definitely contact you guys again when I need another 3D cake. :)"
~Ms. Christine Lo 2012-03-05






"I would like to thank you and the pâtissier again for the amazing cake he/she made for my husband birthday. Everyone loves it, and it tasted really good (not too sweet, just right!). I particularly like the details your pâtissier made to the mug, the condensed water droplets dripping off from the chilled beer glass mug! The dripping foam was so real and yummy too! Appreciate the details the pâtissier have put together making it a very special cake! Good one! Please send my gratitude to your the pâtissier! Thanks :)"
~Ms. Wendy Lam 2012-03-05





"Your cake was a huge success and everyone asked me where I did it from. Hahahahaha"
~Mr. Jeremy Chan 2012-01-29




 "The cake is just perfect! Everybody impressed and the couple is so happy!"
~Dr. Lillian Wong 2012-01-14




"We all love the beautiful cake very much."


~Mrs. Ho 2012-01-05




"Thanks for organizing the cake for me and thanks for the cake chef rushing the cake for me! The dr & car cake was great, and my husband loves it! It really delighted our party! Thanks a lot!"
~Ms. Karlie Yeung 2012-01-04






"Thanks Cake Temptations for the WONDERFUL birthday cake for my husband on his 30th birthday!! "
~Ms. Diana 2011-12-22




"Just want to drop you a note to say thank you, our colleagues love the cookies very much (so far, Santa Clause and Angel are the most popular picks) ^^"
~Ms. Jasmine 2011-12-21




"My girl loves the cake a lot and she’s having a great party as well! Thank you so much for making us a super nice cake!Thank you!"
~Ms. Rita 2011-12-12




"The 3-D Doraemon cake was really nice with the design and it's delicious. My son Zeus is so happy to have it for his 3rd B'day! Thanks a lot! "
~Ms. Madeleine 2011-12-08




"One of the best cakes! Wonderful outlook and great flavors! Lover it! Thanks a lot."
~Mr. Lawrence 2011-10-08




"Thx so much!!!The cake is so beautiful,my fd very like it!next time I also will order yr shop^^"
~Ms. Cherry 2011-10-05




"I would like to express my gratitude to your Company for making such a beautiful cake for my daughter on her special day. It is such a beautiful and delicious cake; and my daughter is really satisfied by just looking at it. I would definitely recommend your Company to my friends and would again order cakes from your Company for future events."
~Ms. Sharon 2011-10-03




"The cake is so fantastic and taste good. Thx!”
~Ms. Tsang 2011-09-12




"The Princesses Cake was so beautiful and the birthday girl liked very much. All the girls gone wow~~~ when the cake was unveiled. The rich chocolate cake tasted great. Thank you again for making the party a memorable one."
~Ms. Amy 2011-09-12



" I want to say a big thank you to you all as the cake is so perfect and beautiful!”
~Ms. Queenie 2011-09-11




"Thanks so much for the beautiful cake design and smooth delivery arrangement. We all, the whole family enjoyed a wonderful moment last night."
~Ms. Fion 2011-08-29




"The Little bear cake is really lovely and delicious! The bday girl loves it very much! Thank you~"
~Ms. Rita 2011-08-28




"All baby and mama are loves it and thank you for your arrangement!"
~ Ms. Apple 2011-08-27




"My friend Maggie loves the cake very much and she said it's very tasty. The cake gave her moments of happiness. Thank you very much!"
~Jade Tang 2011-08-24




"Please go ahead, beside I introduced your shop to my friends as well. Thank you!!!"
~Gilbert Cheng 2011-08-23



"Ok thanks. In case I am not there yet. Please delivery the cake directly to the resturant. Thanks! Just a note... I think its a typo... see below blue. Thanks!"
~Alice Lok 2011-08-19




"Thank you for completing the order. I would like to let you know that everyone at the party was impressed by the pirate ship (and the Captain Jack Sparrow figure), in particular the every details it has. Please kindly send my thank you note to your whole team who have made their effort to make this happen. I am sure there were lots of work to make this special cake (which I guess your team has not done it before). "
~ Ms. Alice 2011-08-01



"I would like to say thanks to you and your chief who made a wonderful cake for my son who is a crazy dinosaur lover. My son loves it very much and kept saying the cake is very nice when he saw the cake. The cake was not only nice but also very yummy with lots of chocolate inside. Much appreciated for your kind arrangement and help. "
~Ms. Bonnie 2011-07-12




"Well receipt and thank for revising the receipt. For comments, pls see my inserts below. Thanks !!"
~ Amy Leung 2011-07-11




"I am here to thanks for your company's creation. The cake which I had ordered last week was so beautiful and excellent, especially the logo of Chanel stick on slide. Many friends ask me where to buy it after I posted the picture on my Facebook. The Only thing to improve is the Chanel bag was too sweet to eat, but I know it is hard to find a ingredient which can stand hardly and taste good. Anyway, thank you very much and cannot wait to order the next cake from you."
~ Mr. Alan Lee 2011-06-13




"We had a great party and thoroughly enjoyed the cakes. Thank you all for the work."
~Elizabeth Lam 2011-06-07




"Just wanna say thanks to made our gathering super high again since always with surprise having Cake Temptations & caused so many enquirers once posted the photos......always looking forward to your next master piece"s Thank you so much again~"
~ Ms Bernie Lo 2011-05-26




"Oh my god ,it looks amazing ,I really appreciate you and your whole team ,I think he will love it so much. Thanks so much your help !"
~Ms. Lee 2011-05-23




"Hi, just wanna say thank you. The cake is excellent as described. My girlfriend love it very much. Nice work!"
~ Mr. Vincent Cheung 2011-04-22




"Thank you soooooo much for making the BEAUTIFUL cake!!! It looks INCREDIBLE!!!!! I'm very very pleased with it, of course including all of my friends and 2 of the drunk birthday boys :-) Thank you soooooooo much!!!!!!"
~Ms Queenie Chan (3D Happy Beerthday)




"With my great thanks to you and the chef that made such a delightful cake! Wow wow wow when they saw the cake!""
~Ms Irene Lai (3D Happy Anniversary)




"The cake is beautiful, the birthday girl is so happy. Please pass my THANKS to the one who make the cake, the cartoon figure is exactly what I want - PERFECT."
~Ms Winnie Siu (Cartoon Deer Cake)




"Just want to say thank you so much! Please say thank you to the pastry chef for me. We liked the cake so much. It was pretty and delicious!!"
~Ms Michelle Lam (Soccer Shirt Cake)




"The "OWL" cake is so amazing, we love it very much?Kespecially the Birthday Girl!!!"
~Ms Genie Chui (Owl Cake)




"Thanks for making cake for us again, our colleagues are very happy when they saw the cake, luckily, one of our colleagues has company polo shirt and safety helmet in his car, so the 7 roles wore those and took picture, really unforgetable party. Your cake is very similar to our uniform, color exactly the same and very detail. Photos are attached for sharing our happiness. Thanks again."
~Ms Lam (3D SHINRYO Shirt)




"The cake was delivered promptly. The delivery person left me a message in my voice mailbox before and after the cake arrived the venue to confirm the cake is fine and ready. It was very nice of him. I want to thank the chef as well. The cake was really cute.Thank you again for the arrangement. I really appreciate it."
~Ms Ada Tse (3-Tiers Madhatter Wedding Cake)




"Thank you so much! The family loves the cake. I would like to have a special thanks to you for the fantastic organization, under your advices, it was smooth and quick on my DIY special cake with my rushing time!!! The cake is very delicious and tasty not too sweet and just right and it was a surprise for the outstanding white chocolate decoration! Please pass my thanks to the cake baker or chief and your management team!"
~ Mr Marco Ku (Blueberry Cheesecake with Roses)




"The cake is beautiful! We will order again for my son's birthday next year!"
~ Ms Margaret.Y. (QQ Duck)


"The cake was for my son?|s 3rd birthday and since he?|s really into numbers and counting these days, I wanted to get him a custom design cake in the shape of a number ?§3?¨. The cake design turned out to be perfect and my son loved it. In addition, the taste was really great and the decorations were lovely as well. I would definitely highly recommend your cakes to my friends."~ Ms Holly Yu (Big Three)


"Thanks very much for the cake! We love it so much!!
It became the focus of our party! Everybody took pictures for the cake, and says that the cake is terrific & amazing!! The design is really wonderful, the twin babies with smiling face are so sweet, the bear & shoes decoration is very detail and lovely!! The cake itself is very tasty too! I love the green tea & red bean flavour! It is very impressed!! I already referred my friends to your website!
You have tried the very best to satisfy our request and I am still very excited about the cake even though it is the 3rd day after the party! It is definitely a very unique & customized cake, and make our party a most memorable and extraordinary one!!
I'm sure I will place order for another cake in the coming future!"
~ Ms Dora Lee (Twins' Stroller 2-layers Birthday Cake)


"I am writing this mail inorder to thank you very much for your great service and your chef's affort. The cake is amazing ( especially my big boooooots : ) and the taste is good which all our friends find it very interesting. Thank you again & wishing you all success : )
~ Ms Sherry Cheng (Motorbike Cake)




"I'm pretty happy with the cake and your service and advise are very helpful.? Can tell that you guys really to help us to get what we want and very flexbile in terms of fitting in customers' requirements. Your pricing is pretty reasonable too. As a 1st time customer and ordering online like this I was pretty impressed. Will certainly use your service again."
~Ms Lau (430 Cake)